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Zach Emig: Fearless. Democrat for Congress.

TwinsMeSteps_v02.jpgHi, I'm Zach Emig, and I'm working to earn your vote to be the next representative of New York's 11th district in Congress.  We deserve a smart, compassionate representative who is unafraid to advocate for us--the workers, the families, the retirees--of Staten Island and Brooklyn. I am running for office because I am young, optimistic, strong, loving. And fearless.

I am a native New Yorker.  A Staten Island resident. A Feminist. Father of four. Patriot. Progressive. Bond trader. MIT engineer. Christian. Cyclist, and biker. 

Let me be upfront about what I'm not: I'm not a professional politician.  I've never been anyone's staffer, I'm not part of the party machine.  To be frank, like you, I'm kind of sick of both parties' good old boy network treating their political parties like High School social clubs.  I'm running as a Democrat not because I've been buddies with the local powers-that-be, but because I believe it's time to revive the Democrat's heritage of standing up for the worker, the wage earner, the family.

I'm happy to answer any questions about my biography; like any 41 year old, I've had my good times and bad.  My greatest joy in life is being the father to twin eight year olds and to my older adopted son and daughter.  My greatest sorrow in life was my longtime marriage ending a divorce filing.


But the 2018 election is not about me, or my story.  It's about how we--a new, young, optimistic, fearless Democratic Party--are going to set things right for Americans.

Because ultimately, I am not running on the Democratic ticket because that's the team jersey I wear, but because I know that the Democratic vision--of strengthened labor rights, workers' rights over corporate rights, universal healthcare, respect for democracy--will drive the American renewal that all of us, liberal and conservative, old and young, healthy and ill, African American and European American, seek.


Enough with the political cowardice, the beige statements, the false smiles.  Vote for me because I'll be fearless, I'm building a fearless campaign, and together we're going to make New York's 11th Congressional District the spearhead of the 2018 progressive wave.


Here's a cliff-notes bio of me, for those interested: