Bringin' the Wrath of God's Nick Rizzi published a great write-up of my status-quo busting campaign for Congress:

"One of those candidates is bond trader Zach Emig, a motorcycle-riding MIT graduate who decided to run against Donovan in 2018 after volunteering for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

...Emig added that the party has relied too heavily on seniority to pick nominations in previous elections, leading others to not run.

"The party apparatus has been picking the next guy in line for several cycles in a row and it's a product that's not selling," said Emig. "People who aren't next in line, people from different backgrounds are stepping forward..."

"...If elected, Emig said he would fight to get more money into taxpayers' pockets, fight for universal health care, put people's rights over corporate rights and bring "down the wrath of God" on CEOs of pharmaceutical companies that profit from the opioid epidemic."