Help Houston fight Hurricane Harvey - Donate to Team Rubicon

Houston is battling near-biblical flooding right now, and it's going to linger at least through the weekend.  This is a massive, massive catastrophe, and the cost in lives, environment, and economy is going to be enormous.  Much of the long term recovery will be handled by thoughtful (we hope) government action, but in the short term, the more "boots on the ground" their helping with rescues the better.

Team Rubicon is great young charity that deploys trained, volunteer teams of US military veterans to assist first responders in disaster situations.  I love this idea because it harnesses the brains+brawn+heart of veterans to immediately helping people in need.  I'd like to raise $1,000 for them (a 501c-3 charity) by this weekend, and will match 1-for-1 any donations towards that goal over the next 24hours.  Here's the fundraising link:

Here's their CharityWatch report card (A-):