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    Mr. Emig,

    My name is Moses Goren. A lifelong New Yorker, I recently graduated high school and was accepted to Yale University. I’ve decided to take a gap year so that I can help the fight for a progressive future for America. I am so glad that you are taking up that fight by running for congress. A Democratic congress will be able to fight for healthcare and economic opportunity for all Americans, and be able to act as a check against the regressive, undemocratic administration of Donald Trump. I am prepared to potentially volunteer for your campaign full time next year, but I have a few questions and concerns for you and your team first that I hope you’ll have the time to consider.

    I’ve done some research into you and the other Democrats running in New York’s 11th district. First of all, I want to commend you for having put forth by far the clearest and most impressive policy vision of any of them. The Narrows Agenda is simple, clear, and most importantly, bold, all qualities the Democratic party could use a lot more of. However, I couldn’t help noticing that compared to your Democratic rivals your website has very little messaging on race. While I understand that strengthening labor laws and fighting for unions will help Black and Latino Americans, alongside everyone else who has been disadvantaged by the rigged economy, it remains a sad truth that communities of color face struggles that even economically disadvantaged white communities do not. As a congressman, do you plan to support comprehensive criminal justice reform that will help prevent the overincarceration and economic devastation of communities of color? Will you support legislation that helps protect the voting rights of people of color, which have increasingly come under attack from Jeff Sessions’s department of “justice?” Will you support comprehensive policing reform that supports our brave law-enforcement officers while trying to curtail the violence that took Eric Garner’s life in your district only three years ago?

    I’m also concerned, frankly, about something more personal. While I personally don’t believe that a newcomer to Staten Island would be unable to represent Staten Islanders well, and while I personally don’t believe that a bond trader will be unable to implement progressive policies that stand up to Wall Street, I worry that many voters will have these concerns. How do you plan on convincing Staten Islanders that you are as in touch with their issues as Boyd Melson, Michael Devito, or Mike Decillis? How do you plan on convincing voters, many of whom cannot afford to participate in the bonds market, that your experience working for large financial institutions will actually help you combat their often negative influence on the lives of America’s working class and poor?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my concerns. It would mean a lot to have a representative who cared about the input of the people. I wish you good luck in your campaign, and, as I said earlier, I look forward to volunteering for you and your campaign to take back the house.


    Moses Z. Goren

    New Yorker, American

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