The People's Budget

Last month I spoke at a candidate forum at the Central Family Life Center, a great community organization here in Staten Island. After each candidate's intro, there was a lively Q&A with the audience, during which we were all asked if we agreed with the Congressional Progressive Caucus's The People's Budget (direct link here).  The answer from all five of [us Democratic candidates], myself included, was more or less along the lines of, "This is the first I've heard of it, I'll get back to you on that after I've read it." Well, I'm a man of my word, so here are my thoughts and comments on this very interesting 41 page platform: Continue reading

The $258 Million Republican Giveaway to Opioid Distributors

In January, pharmaceutical distribution giant McKesson Corporation was fined (again) a record $150 million for distributing opioids without proper controls.The Republican tax bill would probably cut McKesson's yearly tax bill by $258 million or more.  My response, after the jump: Continue reading

Leadershipt: Progressive Vision for the NY State Constitutional Convention

First, a reminder: New Yorkers should go to the polls next Tuesday (Nov 7) to vote, and don't forget to flip your paper ballot over to vote Yes on Proposition 1. I've already published a detailed (29+ page) platform for my campaign (the details and PDF are here), but since I'm pushing for a NY State Constitutional Convention, my team and I put together a "progressive top 10" checklist for choosing convention delegates to vote for next November: Continue reading

Inspiration, not Fear: The Way Progressives Win

Monday night, I spoke at a New York State Constitutional Convention (proposition 1 on next Tuesday's ballot) town hall held at the Amalgamated Transit Union office on Amboy St.  I knew going in that the thrust of the meeting was opposition to the convention, but I was disappointed that speaker after speaker focused so much on scaring people--literally, telling the audience to go and scare people into voting No.  I'm a firm believer that progressives win when we inspire people to vote with us, not try to scare them into it. Below is a short video I made with my concluding remarks, a transcript of my entire speech, and audio of the whole thing. Continue reading

Transcript: Remarks to the COJO Political Forum

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking for a few minutes at the Council of Jewish Organizations Staten Island's Political Forum.  It was a great event with a few dozen elected officials, 2017 candidates, and 2018 candidates speaking.  The 2018 candidates came last, and it was after hearing both convicted felon--and now Republican congressional candidate--Mike Grimm, and some of my Democratic rivals, regretting that both parties have given up on bipartisanship that I spoke the following: "Good morning.  My name is Zach Emig.  I want your vote for Congress, I think a few of us do, but let me tell you about why. I’m a native New Yorker, I live up on the North Shore.  I have four kids, I have three degrees*, I have… I speak two foreign languages, I have one motorcycle.  I’m a businessman, I’m a bond trader in my day job, and I’m a progressive Democrat. Continue reading

Why I'm a Yes for Proposition 1

I discuss why all New Yorker's should be excited to vote Yes on Proposition 1 this November 7 in my latest campaign video:    

Nov. 7: Accelerate Progress, Vote Yes on Proposition 1

The Democratic Party used to be the party of “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Of “there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”  Of “Yes we can.” Thus, it’s incredibly dispiriting to see most Democratic politicians joining their Republican and Conservative colleagues to oppose the Constitutional Convention referendum, Proposition 1 on the November 7th ballot.  It’s even move disappointing that every single one of my Democratic congressional opponents—all of them fine young men with truly courageous life stories—are choosing to fall lockstep behind the political establishment, rather than stand tall for democracy.  This is a once-in-two-decades opportunity to fix the way Albany works, and I urge all New Yorkers to take it.Term limits?  Yes.  Ending gerrymandering?  Absolutely.  An amendment to protect women’s rights?  About time!  Strengthening collective bargaining? Yes! Ending corrupting corporate campaign donations?  Heck yes!  Guaranteeing a right to clean air and water?  Definitely.  Local control of the city subways?  Yes. These are just some the reasons I’m fired up to vote Yes for a people’s convention.   Continue reading

Are you a Forum guy or a Debate guy?

Anecdote: I was at a Democratic club meeting on Staten Island recently, chatting with a few party members, and they mentioned that soon there will be candidate forums. "Forum, or debate?" I asked. "Typically they are forums, where candidates refrain from talking about their opponents," they replied. I don't know about you, but I'm a debate kind of guy (note: so far, all Democrats running in the 11th are guys, alas).  Let's not adopt consultant-speak and pretend like it isn't a debate.   "Forum"?  Bah!

Help Houston fight Hurricane Harvey - Donate to Team Rubicon

Houston is battling near-biblical flooding right now, and it's going to linger at least through the weekend.  This is a massive, massive catastrophe, and the cost in lives, environment, and economy is going to be enormous.  Much of the long term recovery will be handled by thoughtful (we hope) government action, but in the short term, the more "boots on the ground" their helping with rescues the better.Team Rubicon is great young charity that deploys trained, volunteer teams of US military veterans to assist first responders in disaster situations.  I love this idea because it harnesses the brains+brawn+heart of veterans to immediately helping people in need.  I'd like to raise $1,000 for them (a 501c-3 charity) by this weekend, and will match 1-for-1 any donations towards that goal over the next 24hours.  Here's the fundraising link: Here's their CharityWatch report card (A-):

June 8th Bay Ridge Democrats Video

I jumped at the opportunity to speak at last Thursday's Bay Ridge Democrats meeting.  Fortunately, my good friend JL was there and captured it on video.  I talked about my campaign purpose and strategy for about 10", and then opened the field to a spirited Q&A.  Here's the whole thing: