Bringin' the Wrath of God's Nick Rizzi published a great write-up of my status-quo busting campaign for Congress: "One of those candidates is bond trader Zach Emig, a motorcycle-riding MIT graduate who decided to run against Donovan in 2018 after volunteering for Hillary Clinton's campaign. ...Emig added that the party has relied too heavily on seniority to pick nominations in previous elections, leading others to not run. "The party apparatus has been picking the next guy in line for several cycles in a row and it's a product that's not selling," said Emig. "People who aren't next in line, people from different backgrounds are stepping forward..." Continue reading

June 8th Bay Ridge Democrats Club Meeting

The Bay Ridge Democrats were kind enough to invite me to speak at their monthly meeting this Thursday.  The meeting starts at 7:30pm and is at the Bridgeview Diner.  I'll be talking the basics: a bit about my background, and thereafter focus mainly on 1. what my goals are as the NY-11 Congressman and 2. how I plan to beat Dan Donovan.  If there's time I'd love to get into a free-spirited Q&A (the tougher the questions the better).

Failure is the Greatest Teacher

In business literature, it's so common as to almost be a cliche to say that we "learn more in failure than in success."  Yet how often have we heard our elected officials talk about their failures and failings? It would benefit everyone if public servants were more open and reflective about their failings and what they've learned--benefit them, for not having to live such an uptight, walking-on-eggshells life; benefit the public, for showing that politicians are just people too. I'm a lead by example guy, so I'll go first. My greatest failing is that my marriage has ended in this divorce.  Divorce is an atrocious experience for everyone involved, made worse by money-grubbing lawyers and a painfully slow civil court system.  But, as the cliche says, I have learned as much from this whole nearly-half-decade experience as any other episode in my life, starting with becoming a better father to my children...   Continue reading

Questions are the Lifeblood of Democracy

I love questions.  But more importantly, you should love questions too, because our democratic republic needs an engaged, thinking, critical public to keep it from slipping into tyranny.  And for at least the last 24 months, our public figures have done a piss-poor job of fostering a healthy environment for critical dialogue. Continue reading

Local 3 Spectrum Strike

I participated in the Mass Rally in support of Local Union No. 3 IBEW's strike against Spectrum/Charter Communications today outside the Spectrum HQ in the Flatiron district.  Charter is a $97 billion cable and telecommunications behemoth, and the strikers have been at it for weeks after contract negotiations broke down.  The breaking point for the union was efforts by Spectrum to cut their benefits package. I don't presume to be an expert in labor negotiations, but what was most moving to me were the stories that the individual strikers told me.  Each man and woman on strike has voluntarily given up their paycheck.  They're burning through savings, borrowing against a 401k, looking towards the day when they become eligible for unemployment checks, i.e. taking on a tremendous amount of daily stress for collective goal of getting a little more security for their future.  It doesn't seem so crazy an ask, these electricians and technicians who do the work to keep New York's TVs and internet running, does it?  It can't be that hard for a company who makes profits in the billions (nearly $4bln last year), does it?   Continue reading

Resist with Quist Phonebanking

Patriotic progressives winning back the House in 2018 is just as important as my campaign to flip NY-11 from Republicans.  Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Congressional Candidate Debuts at Annual North Shore Democratic Club Dinner

PRESS RELEASE: Congressional Candidate Debuts at Annual North Shore Democratic Club Dinner STATEN ISLAND, NY, May 11, 2017 – NYC's thirteen-member Congressional House delegation has one Republican, representing District 11, covering Staten Island and southern Brooklyn. Come 2018, former Brooklynite and current Staten Island resident, Democrat candidate ZACH EMIG intends to change that.Candidate Emig made his first public appearance Thursday night at the 56 Annual Awards Dinner, on Staten Island, jointly presented by the North Shore Democratic Club and the Anthony Geata Political Action Committee.Praising NSD Club President Mike Arvanites for the successful event, Emig observed, "The turn out reflected the strong Democratic foundation here in Staten Island.""The enthusiasm that greeted my campaign to unseat the Republican incumbent was fantastic," Emig added. "I characterize the spirit of this moment for me as, 'fearless.' I am fearless about pushing for labor rights, [a] higher [minimum] wage, universal healthcare, and for respect for our Democratic institutions. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Progressive Staten Islander Zach Emig Launches Campaign to Unseat Rep. Donovan (NY-11)

PRESS RELEASE: Progressive Staten Islander Zach Emig Launches Campaign to Unseat Rep.Donovan (NY-11) STATEN ISLAND, NY, May 9, 2017 – “Politicians today are so busy squabbling for the scrapsfrom the corporate banquet table that they’ve missed our God-given right to somethingbetter.” With that fiery allusion, Staten Island resident and registered Democrat Zach Emig launched hiscampaign to unseat Rep. Dan Donovan (NY-11) in the 2018 midterm elections. Zach’s campaignteam filed the necessary paperwork with the FEC on Friday the 5th, and they unveiled hisbilingual campaign website,, today. Continue reading

Upcoming Events (as of 9-May-2017)

I want to meet you!  Here are the events I'm currently scheduled to attend over the next two weeks: Continue reading