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Meet Zach Emig

TwinsMeSteps_v02.jpgWe've all asked that question when we see a politician bloviating on TV:  "Jeez, how did this guy get to the halls of Congress?!?"  The answer starts with one simple thing: they ran for office. 

Here in New York's 11th district, we deserve a smart, compassionate representative who is unafraid to advocate for us--the workers, the families, the retirees--of Staten Island and Brooklyn. I am running for office because I am young, optimistic, strong, loving. And fearless.

I am a Native New Yorker.  A Staten Island resident. A Feminist. Father of four. Patriot. Progressive. Bond trader. MIT engineer. Christian. Cyclist, and biker. And now, Democrat running for Congress in New York's 11th Congressional District, challenging the city's lone Republican Representative.

 The standard politician playbook here is to tell a long and moving story about how I decided to run for office.  Was it the Women's March on DC?  The 2016 election?  The Access Hollywood tape?  Bernie Sanders' inspiring campaign?  Yes to all of that, and more.


But the 2018 election is not about me, or my story.  It's about how we--the young and strong and proud Democrats of America--are going to set things right.

Because ultimately, I am not running on the Democratic ticket because that's the team jersey I wear, but because I know that the Democratic vision--of strengthened labor rights, workers' rights over corporate rights, universal healthcare, respect for democracy--will drive the American renewal that all of us, liberal and conservative, old and young, healthy and ill, African American and European American, seek.


Enough with the political cowardice, the beige statements, the false smiles.  Vote for me because I'll be fearless, I'm building a fearless campaign, and together we're going to make New York's 11th Congressional District the spearhead of the 2018 progressive wave.


Here's a cliff-notes bio of me, for those interested: